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An official moderator for the App store application known as "iFunny". This moderator is the only official personality that works with the user community. This moderator is biased and acts like a poon/douche. Accepts some and rejects others.
Dude, why are you acting like an iFunny Chef right now?
by LE GM BAUS June 25, 2013
One of the most hypocritical moderators on the app called iFunny. He supports bans on people for posting offensive posts/softcore porn yet some of his posts are developed the same way. Quite prejudice.
Person 1: Bush did 9/11! You dumb niggers! I really like porn xDDDD
Person 2: You're acting just like an iFunny Chef, quit being so ignorant.
Person 1: BAN! BAN!!! BAN HIMMMM I'm CRYING ;(
by Rumple4Skin May 27, 2015
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