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After highschool freshemen overused LOL to the point that they actually say LOL when they laugh, non-freshman everywhere needed a new word that was not tainted. Since nothing created has worked well so far, we might as well flip "LOL!" around and upsidedown.
**WARNING** Never, ever, EVER say i707 outloud in place of ANYTHING. It's strictly for computer/phone talk. We don't need another LOL-epidemic.


Person 1 (texting):"A chicken crossed the road and met a guy. The chicken asked the man, "What's your name?' The man replied, 'Bond. James Bond. What's yours?' 'Ken. Chic Ken."
Person 2: i707
by I really don't know. April 30, 2011
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omg thats so i707
by Inri Malstrom February 04, 2009
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