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a phrase used after a sentence or question to emphasize the importance of the lesson, seriousness of the situation or the stupidity of the one being spoken to. a modern day version of the southern term "bless your heart"
1.) jr: "daddy, i can had some of that cake right there?"

raykwon: "boy you bedda learn to buy yo own cake. i mean DANG!"

2.) jen: "aye shawty, i can hold that pen you got right dell?"

raykwon: "man, you bedda get own outta hurh! use your own powntsull. i mean DANG!"

3.) lady at the checkout: "that will be $8.70"

raykwon: "man, you dun charged me twice. don't make me git my blade out...i mean DANG!"
by raykwon diante octavious smith December 01, 2009

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