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tag line from an 80's anti-smoking commercial where a father confronts his son about drugs he found in his room. also a clever way to throw something back into the accuser's face.
"Who taught you how to do this stuff?"
"From you, dad. I learned it from watching you!"

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "I have a general compaint about all the words that have 5 in them. mitch hedberg said this in a famous caomeyd routine cd. 1 can not hold 2 thats why they made 2 becasue if one where in 2 it would be flowing over. 2 in 1 shampoo does not work if that worked there would be shit flowing all over the side of the bottle 2 does not fit in 1 and 5 is not a word for a dictionary it is a sentence."
by mean dean September 02, 2003
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