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Military and government jargon: The process of developing PowerPoint slides and other media that will induce coma in the audience.
"The news media sessions often last 25 minutes, with 5 minutes left at the end for questions from anyone still awake. Those types of PowerPoint presentations...are known as “hypnotizing chickens.” "

(New York Times, 4/27/10)
by Four Iron Feet April 27, 2010
Conducting a briefing or presentation heavily laden with powerpoint slides when the goal is not imparting information, as in pentagon briefings for reporters. The format typically consists of 20 minutes of powerpoint with 5 minutes allowed for questions from anyone left still awake.
The Pentagon's news conference about the recent massacre in Iraq was a half hour exercise in hypnotizing chickens.
by Winking Chicken April 27, 2010
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