The best tasting vodka ive ever had, you cant even taste the alcohol in it. very easy to down and great for mixing. awesome with blue faygo.
I mixed half a double shot full of hipnotiq a tiny bit of tonic water and the rest with greygoose the buzz was amazing.
by stewf00 January 10, 2005
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A mixed liqueur, made with vodka, cognac, and tropical flavors. It's colored blue, and is about 34 proof (17% alcohol).
Gimme an Incredible Hulk, that's Henny and Hypnotiq, G.
by Bill G March 28, 2005
best alcohol ever!!! You bring this to a party, man bitches be on ur dick just for a sip!!!
GIRL:Oh baby can I have a sip? PLEASE!?
GIRL: Yes! cock and hypnotiq taste so good together!
by CristoRey September 14, 2006

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