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the New premier energy source is Hyphy, a power packed fusion of grape and apple. The 10oz. is lightly carbonated. The drink Has Grapple flavor and natural grape and apple flavors. Here is the web site out in da Bay we don’t get crunked. We get hyphy!
i get stupid off that Hyphy juice!
by PURPLEgreenCHICA707 May 26, 2006
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Alcoholic beverage, Jose Cuervo 1800 tequilla and a Red Bull in a sports squeeze bottle
We was at the side show goin hella dumb-e off that hyphy juice, yadameen
by Will tha Thrill 5900 December 09, 2005
The favorite drink among mentally-challenged negroes.
Yo man, let's get stupid hyphy thizz mac dre on some crunk ass hyphy juice!
by Zinklesmesh October 24, 2007
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