A membrane covering the opening of a virgins cunt.
If you fuck a virgin you will bust her hymen.
by undertheinfluence March 23, 2005
A thing in a woman's vaginal area which breaks when a male sticks his genitalia in the female's sex organ for the first time.
Ooops! I broke your hyman! Shouldn't have stuck my fingers that deep...
by MUG March 07, 2004
Synonym for cock-blocker.

Someone who prevents a man from having sexual relations.
Girl- "Want to go back to my place?"
Guy1- "Yeah! Maybe we could--"
Guy2- *stumbles in* "Dude! Have you told her about that time you got drunk and had sex with a mannequin?"
Guy1- *muttering* "....fucking hymen...."
by Ender42 October 18, 2011
Someone unusually large and ugly. Looks like a whale, but on the land. Waddles to and from class and always looks likes he/she is pissed off. It makes you want to screem HYMAN while passing it by.
Person 1:(walking down hall sees the sight)Hyman!
Person 2:(hyman doesn't have a clue what it means and keeps walking)
Person 1(satisfied)
by poloman October 11, 2004
Noun-man who pops boner when looking at girl in mini-skirt
Paul pulled a hyman when he was sitting in english class.
by Big D January 28, 2004
The second half of the name Benjamin, said with a purposefully mexican pronunciation of the J as an H. Used to annoy friends and coworkers who despise being referred to as an inner mucus membrane of the vagina.
Hey Ben Hymen, did you watch the OC last night?
by aka GOD November 17, 2004
A membrane that is very rare.Not many females today would consider priceless.A collectors item.Contraban.A means of doing time if found in one`s possesion.
tear`s were streaming down Debbies face after I busted her Hymen.Her Mom cried too cause thier sheets were blood soaked.
by spikemiester45036 August 15, 2003
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