hydrocodeine maybe confused with Dihydrocodeine which is prescribed in the UK without any other medication combined.
This can be confused with Hydrocodone which seems to be the same thing but available in the USA. Just different countries causing confusion in names.
Dihydrocodeine coming up in a search on the internet when in america as hydrocodone. With alot of misspellings in forums.
by DeltaWhisky July 30, 2011
Top Definition
An ignorant term for hydrocodone/vicodin. Hydrocodeine does not exist to my knowledge and if you hear someone talking about leaning on hydrocodeine they are an idiot.
Say dawg, you wanna lean on some hydrocodeine?
You mean hydrocodone or codeine?
(SLAP) Dumbass, that shit don't exist.
by Dirtweed June 29, 2006
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