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In various ghetto dialects, hwite is the word used to describe the skin of caucasians. This is similar in origin to the word "white," however Huh-wite is the correct pronunciation.
The hwite man always keeps us down.
by Kill The Hwite People June 06, 2010
A slang term for a black person who in all facets of life seems to be white. Often with females as an alternative to "uncle tom".
Stolen from the aristocrat types who enunciate the english word “white” heavy on the letter "h" so that it sounds as if it comes before the letter "w".
Modern examples of the pronunciation can be found on the cartoon Family Guy as the ultra intellectual character “Stewey” has a penchant for being heavy on the h. Another would be “Allen” from Two and a Half Men.
"That bitch is hwite!"
"She is whiter than 'white", she is 'hwite'".
by Mr. Fantastic/Bindi December 08, 2011
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