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The time at which your hustle game is on.

It's what's going through your head while you hustle, time-on-a-timeline. Frame by frame.

It's the microseconds you have while you're in the zone, and only you know where it'll end. They weave together, each frame ahead of those around you.

It's what you work with, not against. Hustlas never work against the clock. That's for regular time, with regular people.

It's represenative of your mindset. Looking at your hustle clock is like an out of body look at yourself. While those around you think about regular conversations, your mind is on another level. It's what you look at when you know you're in hustle mode, and stops when you stop your hustle.

g: What just happened?

g: Was he on his hustle clock?


(insert your story here)

g: Dirrtyy! That's dope sick. Sounds like a porn / hollywood movie. True playa. He must've been on his hustle clock.
by showmeyopaperz July 01, 2010
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