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1: A surname meaning "to be good" or "beautiful", commonly found in Semitic or Arabic cultures.

2: A pathetic battlecry of Obama haters.
1: King Hussein of Jordan had a sweet life and a hot wife.

2: Don't vote for B Hussein! He's a muslim, a racist christian, and a space alien, all at the same time!
by Frankie1969 June 23, 2008
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Hussein: the definition of a being so awesome that they radiate awesomeness.
being around such people may cause severe awesomeness if over exposed to this being.
such words as Awesome and Epic are created upon birth of such beings
person A: Dude that guy is so hussein!

person B: Well his name says it all

Example: Barrak Obama HUSSEIN(awesomeness lingers in his blood)
Example: King Hussein, ruler over the land of awesome
by jehuty69 January 27, 2011
Nasty smelling somalian bastard who spits when he talks and smells like goat anus
Look at that Hussein over there
by quavious January 01, 2015
"Hussein" has the unenviable distinction of separating the words "Barack" and "Obama" on the birth certificate of an early 21st century phenomenon, now long forgotten, who co-opted the Democratic National Party nomination for president of the United States. Barack Hussein Obama's climb to ephemeral fame, bolstered by shameless media sycophants and hate-blinded liberal activists, is notable for its unprecedented lack of substance and reason. Apparently ashamed of his given middle name, followers of Obama often claimed "racism" and "bigotry" when critics actually used the name in public. Obama repeatedly used his middle name without hesitation or restraint throughout his earlier political and educational career with audiences sympathetic to his Muslim heritage. Chicago political kingpins could not be reached for comment as they are all either incarcerated or awaiting trial for future incarceration.
Barack Hussein Obama does not look like the other men on American currency, but Hillary Rodham Clinton does resemble Ben Franklin.
by joesecure September 15, 2008

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