Alcoholic drink consisting of a watered-down Manhattan.
Bartender: What would you like?
Customer: Give me a Hurricane Sandy.
Bartender: A what?
Customer: A watered-down Manhattan.
by Scurvy_Dog_70 March 25, 2013
Top Definition
An especially loud, wet, messy BJ with lot's of moist heavy air breathing and throaty sounds
Having won the bet, I knew I was going to get blown, but didn't know she was bringing the full hurricane sandy...
by sandy_survivor October 31, 2012
When a female gives oral sex on the beach, the male ejaculates on her face he then pushes her head into the sand. Thus making the sand stick to her face via cum.
Gianni totally gave that slut a Hurricane Sandy in the lifeguard tower last night!
by Satan610 February 08, 2013
1. verb, Mass destruction of a toilet by a human defecation.
1. Dude, you just unleashed a hurricane sandy!
by arma554 October 29, 2012
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