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A ruggedly handsome man. 5'10" or taller, with rough calloused Hands, broad shoulders, Chest hair and facial hair. Hungry Men often star in romance novels. A Man who likes a home cooked meal. He can often be found wearing rubber boots, and likes typical manly things like Hunting, Fishing, Cars, Beer, etc. He is the opposite of a metrosexual.
See that hot guy? He is a hungry man!
by jRm88 April 01, 2011

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abused [hungryman] slap hurt ouch pimp slap
1) a guy that spends a lot of time going down on a woman - ie- has an "extended stay"

2) Slang for - MAN that's not HUNG and is AN-GRY about it

3) A generally lousy "TV Dinner"
He is obviously a hungryman because he has tacochin from an extended stay.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
a full meal that costs a little over $2. Buy the chicken parm, mexican fiesta, and lasagna. Comes with a side of potatoes and a brownie.
I went to Kroger and bought 7 hungry mans...my lunch for the next week.
by Aleks b August 26, 2006
Quite simply, while sitting at the dinner table enjoying a meal, the eater is also recieving a blowjob from underneath the table.
After a long day at work, Kevin was super pissed to find his wife had left to run errands. He had become acustom to getting a hungry man, but instead is left with little option but to just go ahead and eat by himself
by wolfmans brother October 27, 2011