A exclamation used to declare hunger. Similar to hungry, but said wrong when you become to hungry and desperate that you no longer care how it is pronounced. One of the five stages of hunger. Pronouned with an ly as it just naturally rolls off of the tongue.(Denial,Anger,Upset,Negotiation,Acceptance(patience). Hungly falls under the upset stage.
Child:'Mum, I'm not even angry anymore, I'm Hungly!Feed me, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!'
Mother:'Oh shut up! You'll have to be patient, theres nothing I can do right now.'
Child:'But patience is 2 stages awaaaaaaaay!'
by naaaaaaaaaaaaaaameless February 10, 2011
Top Definition
One's attitude if they have a large penis.
Characteristics being: cocky, full of testosterone, thoughts that oneself could lay with all the women in the world.
-What a d***, he always acts like he is hungly!!
-You know, like how guys with big d***s act.
by hungly February 25, 2011
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