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Some stupid nickname from the shithole of Europe (Romania)

for the hungarians, probably because of their inferiority complex.
Fuck you stupid hungayrian!!!

Wow, thats soooo creative... now go back to your gipsy cave romanian shithole...
by walkinwalkin August 27, 2010
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the other name used for describing a "hungarian"/"bozgor",a smelly,uncivilized,barbaric people from Mongolia that stole land from romanians and slavs and are very jealous of their neighbours,especially since their women prefer romanians because romanians are much more capable people in bed
hungayrian: -Transylvania is mine!
other man: -Dude stop being such a hungayrian!

hungayrian: -I hate all my neighbours!
other man: -you are so hungayrian!
by vlahsrule February 22, 2010
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