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/həNG/ līk/ a / Romero
- adjective

1) Hung Like A Romero: A phrase that originated from the great Ronnie Romero, PLAYGIRL Man of the Year, 1996.

2) Romero is a Spanish surname meaning: A person on a religious journey or pilgrimage; procession of elevated holy items. The pungent botanical herb of rosemary symbolizing remembrance and fidelity. A guardian of religious cemeteries or shrines. Therefore; being HUNG LIKE A ROMERO references having a penis that is considered a HOLY ITEM, being compared in size to that of a cemetery shrine, or a Penis that will definitely leading to Impregnation during intercourse.

3) Hung Like a Romero : the ultimate compliment a female could say to a man regarding his Penis.
Example 1)
"Oh, you are from the 90s - you're hung like a Romero!!!"

Example 2)
"I don't know Tommy very well, but Melissa said he is hung like a Romero and now she is pregnant..."

Example 3)

"Damnnnnnnnnnnnn Jonny - You are hung like a Romero!!"
by themongoose June 11, 2014

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