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guy whose penis meets or exceeds adult average length (seven inches) and meets or exceeds adult average girth (five inches) by the end of seventh grade summer
A hung eighth grader is either going to be discovered when making out or with boner passed out on the couch drunk at a party. If he is saving it for marriage he's going to get alot of unwanted sexual attention as girls vie to experience its pleasuring for themselves.

Of the downsides of being a hung eighth grader girls will be less willing to try anal sex with him especially when extra girthy
by Unloaded Words December 15, 2012
An eighth grader with a penis around 8" long. He will also have big balls.
Close to hung seventh grader but bigger in proportions.
Kelsey: Have you had sex with Michael?
Alexa: Yea, but he has a small dick.
Kelsey: Ahha thats funny.
Alexa: Try Jordan, he's a hung eighth grader.
Kelsey: I will. {Licks lips}
by :D:DD:DDD May 14, 2007
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