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I bought a new humpster. I will put it in my pants now.
by fsd August 31, 2003
A hippie that is dumpster diving
Hey, look out the window! Those humpsters are salvaging my old tie-dyes!
by sumila May 25, 2011
another word for jerk
1. He is such a humpster
2. Could Arnold be a bigger humpster?
by Engeldick Humperass April 17, 2011
A blowjob given or received inside a dumpster.
Tom almost lost his bet and would have had to give Roger a humpster!
by ugetowned May 03, 2010
someone whois so ugly that you would want to have sex wit them, then throw them back in the dumpster
That chick I nailed last night was a real humpster, shes down on 41st street.
by Hezikia Smith September 03, 2006