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A secret code word teenage boys use in place of "girls" or "hoes". Different types of hummus can mean different types and... flavors of women/girls.
Ranch Hummus= Ugly women
Garlic Hummus= Old women
Hazelnut Hummus= bangable women
by Zach Ernat/David Wilton May 10, 2008
a tastey diahrea like substance, also known as diahrea
ill eat some of that hummus but only if it comes out of you
by uknowhoitis April 13, 2010
Strange substance produced in a twisted area of the brain known for causing an elevated state of grace and inspiration. The trigging mechanism is far from being discovered. also humus.
I met G.W. Bush the other day at the grocery store, and all I could come out with was "asshole"...sorry, low hummus.
by el propio January 03, 2005