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when a Mexican midget eats a lot of candy. Then he dances until he throws it up.
Yesterday at the club, I saw a human pinata.
by PapaALiu September 08, 2013
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The act of eating so much confetti (or candy) till you're shitting nothing but in, then hanging yourself naked with a grenade in your anal cavity with a note tied to the pin saying "haha enjoy" and waiting for someone to find your body.
Person 1: Dude you look sad, what's up?
Person 2: My dad human pinata'd himself last night and I fell for the note.
by AnythingForMemes January 06, 2017
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Pooping candy whilst having people hit you with Wiffle ball bats in a kickball game
Nate was a pink human piñata this week
by booze OG May 05, 2013
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