The act of Shoving your fist into your partner and once inside, opening your hand and releasing multiple ball bearings.
"Wow, Todd gave me a Human Claymore last night and I'm still shitting ball bearings"
by The Duke of Alcatraz March 29, 2009
Top Definition
A drunk who tends to vomit all over the place.
S-Dizzle: Nope, I'm driving. Although, to be honest, I can't really drink much even if I wanted to, I can't drink more than a bottle or cup of something in a night or else I become a human claymore.

D-Rizzle: I wish I had that ability. Women would be able to take advantage of me after only 10 dollars..

S-Dizzle: My name is John and my vag is wet! ::vomits::
by LoveMeSomeMe April 19, 2009
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