Sexual position in which three people perform anal on each other in a single file line. This can be performed with either three guys or two guys and one girl. (not permitting dildos)
Dude me and Bill totally did a human centipede with Amy last night!
by Young freckle April 01, 2011
A 3 headed human originally born as a centipede but killed in a tribunal fire and reborn as 3 separate humans that are connected from ass to mouth.
"What the fuck is that?"
"I believe it is a fucking human centipede"

"Where the fuck did that come from?"
"I have no fucking idea... I think it might be a fucking human centipede."

"Who the fuck is that?"
"Long fucking story, it's my grandfather."

"I wonder how it uses the fucking bathroom?!"
"I have no fucking clue. Fucking human centipedes."
by human centipede motherf*cker August 22, 2011
A sexual position involving a girl getting triple teamed. One guy fucks the vagina, the second guy fucks the tits, and the last guy fucks the mouth.
Beth you wanna try the human centipede?

Ya totaly!
by Steel Max August 31, 2010
A delicious snack where a baguette is cut at one end, stuffed full of melted chocolate and then left in the fridge for the the chocolate to harden again, hence fusing the cut baguette back together, and filling it with chocolate.
Its usally made by couples, and eaten together, with one person starting at one end, and the other starting at the other end, until they meet each other in the middle
Boy: Hey, im hungry, wanna make a Human Centipede?
Girl: Sure, there so delicious!
Boy: We should eat ours together!
Girl: Oh yes, that would be great!
by UrbanFiller June 25, 2010

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