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Much like the dark and fictitious "human centipede," it is a series of joined bodies. Rather than being connected mouth-to-anus, subjects are connected by genitalia. For men, this involves anally penetrating the individual in front of them and simultaneously being penetrated from behind (much like the infamous "Lucky Pierre"). Women may participate but must utilize a strap-on dildo or another instrument capable of penetration. Rather than being limited to a chain of three sexual partners, the centipierre is one composed of at least four but can stretch infinitely so long as the chain is not broken.
Anne: Hey, my car is in the shop. Think you can give me a lift to work tonight?

Paul: I'm not going to work. A buddy of mine is having a party.

Anne: You're blowing off work for a party?

Paul: Not just any party. We're making a human centipierre.

Anne: Oh, word? Screw work, what time are we getting there?

Paul: We?

Anne: Did I stutter?
by RubberBunzNLiquor January 21, 2012
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