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A brief moment in time when someone has an extreme feat of strength. Hulk moments are triggered when the body is exerting an extreme amount of physical force on an object and then receives a power boost usually resulting in the item trying to be lifted or moved being flung into the air is if it weighed as much as a paperclip. Hulk moments commonly occur around the home while doing mundane tasks such as lifting boxes or pulling weeds.
Peter: "Hey Bruce can you get that weed over there?"
Bruce: "Sure Pete." *proceeds to pull weed*

Bruce: *Grunts* "This weed sure is tough."
Peter: "Put some muscle into it dude!"
Bruce: "Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!" *weed flies through the air*
Peter: "Holy crap! what the hell was that man?"
Bruce: "I think I just had a hulk moment dude."
#strength #hulk #super strength #power up #muscle #weak #chump #loser #weakling #nerd #hluk moment #hulk mment #hlk moment #hulk momebt
by ACiD REiGN 91 July 01, 2010
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