A person's need to be hugged. Similar to the need for food known as being hungry.
Often events that scare a person make them hugry.
After i got fired for my job i was very hugry.

Grazing my ass when i fell off my bike made me hugry.

I need a hug to satify my huger.
by Steve November 20, 2005
A blend of hug and hungry, describing a desire/need to be hugged.
Watching scary movies makes me hugry.
If I feel hugry enough, I sometimes grab the nearest pillow and give it a squeeze.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 30, 2006
hungry for hugs
thats because you're hugry
by Domnwenli December 24, 2010
When you get that feeling where you desperately need a hug
Girl: God I'm Hugry!
Boy: *Hugs*
by CamLees123 November 14, 2010

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