Relates an unwanted hug from somebody annoying and obnoxious. They'll raise their arms and hold you and you won't return the hug, from a distance it seems as if they are hug raping you.
Boy 1: Dude, did you guys see what Wesley did to me today?
Boy 2: What? I saw him jump on you..
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by Hug-Rape-Victim June 16, 2009
Top Definition
an unwanted or unexpected hug by a person...or persons, that cannot be gotten out of.
Could be a surprise hug....or just a totally unwanted one altogether.
haha HUG RAPE!! *hugs* <---wanted hug

U WILL HUG ME BITCH *hugs struggling person* <---- unwanted hug
A combination of hug and rape. It is essentially being hugged against your will, often by a random, sketchy guy.
I was just walking down the hall, minding my own business, and Steve hugraped me from behind.
#hug #rape #hugrap #gay #hugs
by hugmasta December 06, 2005
unwanted hugs, especially after you have said no.

-© Niki Nightmare™-
Nick hug raped me in the hallway today and I was terrified!
#hug #rape #hugrape #huggrape #violation
by Niki Nightmare™ November 03, 2006
Verb; To steal a hug without consent of other.
"The tactics of the day-care was to hug-rape the kids who didn't want to be part of the group hugs."
#hug #rape #glomp #huggle #snuggle #kiss #love
by Harru17 September 09, 2006
When somebody, usually who you don't like, forces you into a hug, usually by running up and almost strangling you into a hug and the only way to get out is to hug them back.
Brad: "So dude, last night that chick Maranda came up to me and gave me a hug-rape, so I was forced to hug her back."
Johnny: "Ewwww, nasty! She needs to learn nobody likes her."
#attack #love #force #gross #awkward
by Green_Eyes_13 November 15, 2009
someone who assaults you by hugging you either randomly or against your will.
Shauna is such a hug rapist. She rapes me everyday with her hugs and she's not gentle and a she is a hug slut
by Chris likes anal rape April 30, 2005
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