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1) human resources violation - breaking policies set in place by the Human Resources Departmant of the company you work for. Often the policy in question has to do with improper language in the workplace, in which case this becomes a synonym for saying something rude, crude, or politically incorrect.

2) human rights violation - taking away the rights people have as a result of being human. Torture, slave labor, and genocide are some examples of human rights violations.
1) "You have made countless dirty jokes, off-color remarks, and racist, sexist, and homophobic comments, and forced the rest of us to pretend to be amused. In short, you are, as another co-worker put it, 'a walking H.R. violation'"
-- from an anonymous letter on a website called Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye

2) "Helsinki Commission Speaks out on HR Violation in Russia"
-- a headline on Human Rights House Network's website
by Doctor Fishopoulis October 04, 2006
Doing something awesome and risky that would, at a 'normal' company, be considered a H.R. Violation.
"Last Friday's company dinner was insane! A string of H.R. Violations. John ended up dirty dancing with Nancy and then we smoked weed in the parking lot. One hr violation after the other."
by giphyking November 10, 2015
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