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How To Be: Emo is an internet short created in 2004 by director Christian Bretz. Filmed in the style of a 1950's informational short, it features a teen named Billy (played by Trent Teigan) and his quest to become emo. Guided by a disembodied voice in the form of a narrator, Billy learns about emo culture, fashion, music, discrimination, and other important aspects of emo life. How To Be: Emo pokes fun at many different subcultures in addition to emo, including jocks, wiggers, and preps. One of the greatest additions to 2000's emo culture since emogame. It can be found at somethingdirectory.com
How To Be: Emo was perfectly good as a 21 minute black-and-white short. It does NOT need to be made into a full-length movie.
by i like to knit, fool October 13, 2006

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