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Scottish-Meaning a mix and match of food put together to make a meal or a snack, or something put together to make a topic, subject, conversation or item
''thats a hotch potch of meal'', what did you have for dinner? a hotch potch this and that.
by Scottish poet March 08, 2011
1. A thick soup or stew with various ingredients.

2. A jumble or mix of many different things.
The witch's brew was a hotchpotch of ingredients ranging from bay leaves to bat wings.
by ZenoKarasu January 18, 2010
when something goes wrong, or an idiot.
Ah Hotch Potch!
Gosh! What a hotch potch!
by neminem May 22, 2006
something you just say to confuse people it can be a noun an insult, an exclamation anything you want... rubbish, a nasty substance, "fuck you" but in a nice way you know???
"Hey Patty... you got some hotchpotch on your face!"

-Robby: "wow, you look extra nasty today cindy hahahh"

-Cindy: "I'm serry (sorry)... hotchpotch"

or use it when you just dont care... hotchpotch
by sarah and jill November 07, 2005