Scottish-Meaning a mix and match of food put together to make a meal or a snack, or something put together to make a topic, subject, conversation or item
''thats a hotch potch of meal'', what did you have for dinner? a hotch potch this and that.
by Scottish poet March 08, 2011
Top Definition
1. A thick soup or stew with various ingredients.

2. A jumble or mix of many different things.
The witch's brew was a hotchpotch of ingredients ranging from bay leaves to bat wings.
by ZenoKarasu January 18, 2010
something you just say to confuse people it can be a noun an insult, an exclamation anything you want... rubbish, a nasty substance, "fuck you" but in a nice way you know???
"Hey Patty... you got some hotchpotch on your face!"

-Robby: "wow, you look extra nasty today cindy hahahh"

-Cindy: "I'm serry (sorry)... hotchpotch"

or use it when you just dont care... hotchpotch
by sarah and jill November 07, 2005
when something goes wrong, or an idiot.
Ah Hotch Potch!
Gosh! What a hotch potch!
by neminem May 22, 2006
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