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an emergency telephone line or number
Stop calling the water damage hot line. They won't be able to do anything we have not done ourselves.
by The Return of Light Joker June 07, 2009
The vertical muscle line in the middle of a stomach. Can be part of a six pack, or by itself. Considered very attractive, especially for females.
Man! Check out that blonde's hot line!
I'm so jealous of her hot line.
by rookkkkkkkkk April 16, 2014
(hotline communications ltd.)

a program that was intended for LEGAL file sharing but whos capabilities were taken advantage of to run one of the biggest piracy businesses in america by people ranging from your average dumbass to authority figures. the program probably gave birth to conceptions like napster and limewire but its capabilities were far ahead of its time for it allowed user to chat, post news, upload, download, and adminster their own servers and therefore suprass those programs TO THIS DAY. using the program's "dark side" requires the additional help of "" once there, the given information obtained from that site can be used to do almost any computer crime there is, including hacking. hotline gave birth to piracy. any person can do it.
"i need to know how to hack..."
go to hotline

"i want to download these dreamcast games"

"i want to run a t3 server and charge hotline users"

by matt s June 10, 2004
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