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A raucous song by musical group Yeti on a Budget, in homage and celebration of the sexual act. Something of a modern-day "Tequila".
"I've had Hot Karl stuck in my head all day!"
by Zimbabwe May 13, 2004
when somebody deficates on your chest
keith gave ted a hot karl.
by kenny December 18, 2003
The act of pooing in a sock and beating poeple senclessly over the head with it.
"Yo this thug wasn't given me my props yo, so im gunna brake into his house and giv'em a hot Karl yo"
by Karl the poopo January 10, 2003
When profesional bow hunter Matthew Karl performs vaginal conalingus, while penetrating her in the anus with a bow and arrow.
Fuck man, after bow and arrow practice on wednesday Kenesey was so wet in her panties that she actually saic no to straight up sex, and let me hot karl her.
by MC Cock, AKA MC Cock February 28, 2010
When a boss gets pissed off at a subordinate, often turning purple in the act of the scream, and demands rapid resolution even if it must be done after hours or over the weekend. Most Hot Karl's are caused because the work was never actually assigned by the boss, who is ignorant of that important detail. Oftentimes a Hot Karl is interrupted by another Hot Karl which immediately trumps the first version, which is promptly forgotten.
Damn, I just got Hot Karled. Boss just demanded a spreadsheet with 15 variables that we don't track. He screamed that he needed it right then. I don't even know what he is talking about!?!!
by Brad Berkwitt February 17, 2009
shit in someones mouth for pleasure.
whatcha gonna eat?....hot karl
by mark December 11, 2003
The act of wrapping saran wrap over a person's head and then deficating on it.
I saw this one hardcore porn where this guy gives this girl a hot karl, it's fucking gross.
by OtherRealChris March 11, 2003