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Defecating on your partner while they are performing fellatio on you.
My woman loves the Hot Karl...
by Dick-Face Killah69 July 10, 2003
Having anal marmalade ooze into your mouth
After receiving a hot karl, food tastes better
by karl March 17, 2003
Fellatio after anal sex
That girl is Sick, sick, sick
by jmc October 14, 2002
Sex act involving shiting on seran wrap into someone's mouth then making them eat the shit.
"He hot karled me." -Girl 1
"Thats disgusting." -Girl 2
by vanillawonder June 05, 2009
a over zealous fat obese douche bag who scampers around lowell swindling shit and eating donuts...also known as "Hot Karl" or hotness..aka gayness...biggest hoodrat around
Frugal:Yo have u seen hot karl?
Dennis: Nah that Hot Karl got his ass whipped last week for stealin some donuts from down the street.
by helga G. February 08, 2009
a sexual event, where after receiving anal sex, a person gives a blow-job on the poopy penis
I gave John a hot karl yesterday, and it tasted like poo!
by Stesamee December 07, 2006
This defintion you have is wrong actually. A true Hot Karl is the act of giving a girl anal then she gives you oral immediately after.
I can send pictures.
by Spencer M. February 10, 2005