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The act of dumping Budweiser into a woman's vagina after thouroughly arousing her and then proceeding to suck the budweiser out of her and gulp it down.
I was pretty wasted last night. I ended up giving my girlfriend a hot mo and she loved it.
by steve stoddard November 23, 2002
Hang Out To Make Out
When somebody wants to "hang out" but has other intentions.
Alex: Wanna hang out?
Lexie: I think you're actually asking if I want to make out...
Alex: Well yeah, I meant do you want to HOTMO?
by Tigurrrr July 24, 2012
extremely hot mutha fucker
yo shit dawgg, that bitch's mother is hotmo!
by boughetto August 05, 2003
It'z wher a guy wit a huge cock pours hot choclate over da bitches tits before pounding her.
Yo I gave Sandy a hot mo last night. That bitch is too fine.
by SuCk mY DicK March 01, 2004