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the feeling you get after eating hot wings or something spicy or something that just gives you a lot of gas in general. the feeling that you get when you know you are going to have the runs in a few minutes and you just know it.
i had the worst hot butt after i ate at hooters a few nights ago

Parker: Why is Tina dancing with Jake?
Garrett: She has major hot butt, shes going to fart on him any second.
by Pookstie January 11, 2010
The zesty, potent, and often noisy after-effects of a particularly spicy meal. Symptoms may include flatulence, the squirts, and an overall burning sensation moving from the gut to the anus. Causes of hot butt may include, but are not limited to, Mexican food, Indian food, hot wings, and Sichuan cuisine.
"I had the most amazing Palak Paneer last night, but holy cow did I have hot butt this morning!"
by GPMaverick March 22, 2007
Not quite "swamp-ass". That thin line between normalcy and swamp-ass.
Hyundai seats give me hot-butt. They aren't vented very well.
by Dr.Skoty November 14, 2011
Hot butt occurs when you have warm farts, the ones that you know are going to smell, and the ones that let you know you definitely need to take a shit. often occurs after eating spicy food, and is often a precursor of diarea.
That fart wasn't just gas, I got Hot butt.
by DinSD April 30, 2008
Sexy girl, Girl you want to get with, getting some
Hot butt
Getting any hot butt??
hot butt, hot butt, hot butt
Dang Hot butt
by mr. high two September 13, 2007
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