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1. Bad tempered or easily angered or 2. Sexually desirable.
1. Italian boxers are hot blooded when called second class athletes.
2. That woman is so hot blooded that there aren't enough men on the planet to satisfy her.
by J.E. Kessans September 16, 2008
A feeling, mostly induced by the courage, anger, and righteous fury you feel for a person/place/thing/idea/event, so long as it is a positive person/place/thing/idea/event with a positive outcome. Mostly seen in super robot anime, or felt when listening to Foreigner or other awesome bands.
"Did you see the way he took on the hundreds of mobsters using only his fists, a pole, and a leek? That's hotblooded right there, man."
by Rodriguez Jones January 16, 2007
Hot Tempered; Someone w/ a hot temper; A HotHead; Tempermental; HotHeaded; Sometimes considered a mean person...
Wow! that guy's a Hot-Blooded Hothead!!!
by Cimmy Mae May 06, 2008
Wild or cool. Like a teenager sneaking out in the middle of the night to drink with friends, or doing an epic guitar solo, or missing a call from Mom... Umm, maybe not that... That's a little too intense!

This could also mean having a lot adrenaline, like when about to ride a rollercoaster or play a championship football game.
Ex. 1: Elder: I used to be a hot-blooded teen back in the day... ( ._.) 'Till I got married...

Ex. 2: Teen 1: Maaan, last night we drank so much, I still can't feel my toes!

Teen 2: You guys are so hot-blooded! *fist bumps*
by The_Awesome_kid( ._.) July 07, 2012
foreigner has an erection
"i feel a fever burning/ inside of me"

eg: she/he's heating *my* blood
she/he left me hot blooded
by emmitt nathaniel salter July 27, 2008
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