A female restaurant hostess that dresses like a prostitute and sleeps with all of the waiters.
That new hostitute is still in high school and not only is she screwing the kitchen staff, but she also did one of the valet boys.
#hostess #slut #waiter #prostitute #restaurant
by Seanequa April 19, 2006
Top Definition
A (usually derogatory) term for a bar girl employed by the bar in one form or another who encourages young single men to buy drinks for them, usually containing little alcohol, and who is available for sexual services to the men that they are hosting. This form of commercial activity was common in cities in southeast asia frequented by military men on leave or liberty.
One of the hostitutes was on me asking for a drink before I even could see the bar.
#bar girl #prostitute #scam #fake drinks #military liberty
by Beetles February 10, 2008
Prositutes that you don't let leave (hostages) but occasionally throw money at in order to alleviate the feeling of wrong-doing.
I threw some money at my hostitute the other day, it made me feel less guilty
#hostitute #prostitute #captive #hooker #money
by fistingisfun January 08, 2010
A female or male (usually gay) flight attendant who is sexually promiscuous. From combining "host" and "prostitute."
See air mattress.
Megan's such a hostitute, she finds a new man on every layover. She never even asks their first name.
#prostitute #air mattress #stewardess #flight attendant #slut
by Scott Evil March 17, 2006
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