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The act of doing something that is in no way benfecial to the mission or activity.

Lots of people use this phrase. But no one you know.

See also: monkeying about

Source: Red Vs Blue, episode 53.
Griff: You said it was a real phrase like "horse doodling!"
by Evil Badman March 30, 2005
15 4

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A real phrase that people use all the time. You want to get it right so you don't look like a jackass. See: monkeying about.
Grif was horse doodling in the base.
by ngamer007 March 28, 2005
14 7
Term born in Danbury CT slang for smoking weed
we got to go Horse Doodling soon dude
by TimetoSmokethisBlunt21 June 28, 2010
7 10