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It is the act of gobbling a horn (a.k.a. blow job) First off, woman/man must actually enjoy and revel in toying with a penis. It must be entered into lightly by flicking one's tongue gently all over the ever-growing member. If you are new to this; practice with an ice cream cone by moving your tongue languidly to form the ice cream in points and swirls. Also push the ice cream into the cone to gain strength to go the distance. Enjoy horngobbling as you would eating the most delicious ice cream cone and you will gain respect rather than calories.
What would a man consider a great date in Saskatchewan? He goes to the game with his friends, has a few libations, places a bet, wins the bet, goes to a bar and meets a number of beautiful women, leaves and shares a cab ride home with a woman he met at the bar, gets his horngobble on the way home, jumps out of the cab alone, goes home, pops a few advil and falls asleeep in front of the TV watching porn.
by mpellet March 28, 2011
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