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Swiffer Swiffer Swiffer Swiffer Swiffer
I'm from Horace Mann. I'm a retarded swiffer.
by Benny R. February 11, 2005
One of the three hill schools, known for its overcompetitiveness compared to fieldston, which is comparable, and riverdale, which is useless. It is known in the NYC private school circuit for the infamous swiffer girl incident.
"Alex got rejected from fieldston, but was accepted at horace mann"
by Eric Greely December 25, 2005
my brother went to horace mann. he is a dick. ergo.
i go to horace mann. the school colors are that of anal discharge.
by ilikebubbles August 26, 2005
one of the three hill schools, the other two being riverdale and fieldston. horace mann is the toughest, but academics are comprable to riverdale, whereas fieldston is nowhere in the picture. known for the swiffer girl scandal. whilst riverdale students are known for getting drunk and fieldston students for getting high, horace mann is known for a little of both, making it a champagne supernova type of school.
i am from horace mann. i am an overstressed swiffer lover.
by bitchhh March 21, 2005
v- the act of getting a hamster inserted into youre anus and then farting it out
you got a horace mann last night?
by hamster lover 913 February 14, 2005
the place all of the riverdale and fieldston kids tried to get into but got rejected from. Also, the clock tower kicks ass
I tried to get into horace mann but I did not get in; my parents don't love me.
by hm student April 27, 2005
One of the three independent hill schools, the others being fieldston and riverdale. Horace Mann is the school where you go when your a fricken genius with absolutely no life and think that knowing everything will actually get you somewhere in life. I wonder why people who go to Horace Mann are called "Ho Men", could it be because of the famed Swiffer Mop girl incident? I bet. The sports at Horace Mann are not the best but they are certainly better than Riverdale's. The majority of the students at Ho-Mann are either white or asian, good luck finding something else.
I go to Horace Mann, therefore I actually know Pi to a thousand places, and I jerk off to the swiffer video.
by fieldstoner January 19, 2008
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