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The vile smelling liquid residing at the bottom of a garbage truck hopper. It is the result of extreme hydraulic compression applied to tons of household and commercial garbage causing its release and flow to the lowest point of the truck (i.e. the hopper).
It is a derivative and amalgamation of every fathomable trash item deposited in one’s garbage can, that further mixes and ferments to this stench bearing fluid with everyone else’s garbage. During the hot summer months in NYC, it is very easy to determine if a garbage truck is in the vicinity based on hopper juice trails. Their smell carry for at least an entire city block. Additionally, sanitation workers consider it a form of initiation when a worker gets a splash in the face while closing the hopper.

The garbage truck pulled up alongside my car, and to my shock I noticed the hopper juice run-off hit the pavement and splatter on my door. I guess its time for a car wash.
by Lucas K June 10, 2008
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