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When a person rings up alot of beer on a tab and then when it's time for payment they deny drinking the amount of beer that they ordered and refuse to pay their portion of the tab.
Garland: Can you believe that shit bro? I saw with my own two eyes! Will had at least 4 Beers.

Ricky: Yeah man he hoppe'd out. He does that shit all the time. JFC. (see definition of JFC)
by GRS3 July 27, 2011
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A slang word for getting jumped or bet up by a group or just a person
Kid: did you here Tommy got hopped ?!

Kid 2: yea he got hopped by that group of lads down at he park

Kid: he was properly bet up man
by Typicalireland September 03, 2016
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Like getting fucked, only a nice way to say it.

Like Hopped on.
Man these Oakley's I bought online are fakes I totally got hopped.

Tim likes Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake so much I bet he likes to get hopped in the ass.

He hopped on that bitch's ass quick.
I would have too she was hot!
by acid_mojo July 28, 2011
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