A person who daydreams of romantic occasions, of swaying the one they love off their feet while not thinking of what to expect in return, yet never having a chance to do so. That is where they "key" lays. The word "never" is "hopeless"; if that one person successfully attracts the other person and forms a serious relationship, then that is a successful romantic, while still performing his/her romantic acts. This is important: the romantic acts must still be performed naturally, not out of effort. It always matters how life ends, now how it starts or how it gets there (speaking in this context only at the moment). In this end, a hopeless romantic is either successful and thus becomes simply romantic (he/she is in a relationship), or just ends as hopeless if alone. There are also the type of people who just satisfy themselves with sexual partners hence not marrying; there are those who just have a serious relationship (I believe those relationships are all defect because they only married out of financial need and perhaps physical as well), and there are those who perform business marriages. This last level of marriage is simply for their respective business to prosper and keep their power. "Hopeless" is a negative word, and thus these wonderful people are just simply romantic, there is nothing hopeless about them. Simply put, you are either "hopeless" or you are "romantic". Refer above to "the end". Hopeless romantic is just an insult, calling caring and loving people hopeless. Too rude.
no example for "hopeless romantic"
by Real T.S. November 15, 2007
An AWESOME Bouncing Souls album. Contains the catchiest song ever, Ole!.
Dude 1: Hey Dude 2, I just got Hopeless Romantic!
Dude 2: All right! Rock on man!
by NoobMuncher3000 April 11, 2007
A person that places his or her search for love as the number one priority. They place it above family, friends, career, health and home because they crave the love of another so desperately. The problem this creates is that they are not attractive because they ignore the other aspects of their lives and this decreases their chances of every finding love. Thus, the hopelessness. Typically, they will only encounter other desperate lovers or people that want to exploit their desperateness. The cure for the hopeless romantic is to put the priority on other aspects of their life and experience joy and happiness with work, home, friends and family. When a person focuses their love on those things, love will follow them everywhere and a partner to share those things with will come.
Signs you might be a hopeless romantic:
Poor performance at work.
Less time spent with friends and family.
Letting the home become a place to hide and not a launching pad for life.
Abusing your body with food, drugs, or alcohol in an attempt to replace the high felt from love.
by nickmg1975 October 01, 2006
A popular album by the band Bouncing Souls.
The song "Ole" off of Hopeless Romantic kicks ass
by LeAnne K. August 05, 2004
In any other time, this would be a valid term to describe a person dominated by a logical and chivalrous love ethic. Today, however, he is considered creepy and referred referred to as a stalker.
It's not easy being a knight, lads.
by Killing Kittens March 30, 2005
A sad creature. It spends its life in search of a mate, yet doesn't. Dies miserable and alone
I'm a hopeless romantic
by LorgSkyegon March 11, 2005
hopeless romantics AKA guys who have no chance with girls so they watch anime.
half of my school, obviously, are hopeless romantic
by Scotty Kunz November 07, 2006

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