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When it is used as a name it is used to define a white gay queer.They are blonde, white and have freckles

When encountering a Hooper

Make sure you stay put they will react to sudden movements.

Behaviour of a Hooper

They always think they are the best and they also ego too much. They have big mouths and live in a tiny world. They usuallly Flirt and try to get girls but girls accept him as a gay friend
<Ernest> hey i'm grade 7 in piano and im in the 7th grade

<Chris> You suck im the same grade as you but im in grade 4 Piano playing grade 8! you suck shit!

<Ernest> (leaves,walks away and mumbles) what a Hooper
by xXNoobskiXx May 04, 2009
A prosperous word for old cheese.
The girl stank even worse after eating hooper.
by A???? April 14, 2006
The most annoying people to stand next to at a show; constantly hoolahoop and hit you in the face; show no remorse or regard for your personal area.
Damn it... let's migrate and get away from those stupid hoopers.
by Cassidy S. April 23, 2006
a tweaker; someone so jacked up on speed that they run around in circles.
Hoopers love to take stuff apart but they never put it back together; they probably have no food in their kitchen.... Courtney Love, Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, the guy who cried for Britney = hoopers
by srw SVOP January 28, 2008
A white guy who will only date and sleep with black women.
Timmay is a hooper. He likes his women like he likes his coffee, hot and black.
by shtychkn September 25, 2005
Hooper: A woman, most often of hispanic decent, who is an obvious whore. Generaly wears large hoop earings.
Andrew: Hey Kyle see that fine piece of ass over there?

Kyle: Which one?

Andrew: The hispanic one with the big hoop earings and short as hell skirt on. you can see her vag.

Kyle: o yea i see her... that bitch is a hooper.
by papafrito November 08, 2010
When you call someone a 'Hooper' either they have excrimented in a bush, or a man who is the result of Tasmanian Inbreeding and takes it in the ring, see hoopajew
A buttplug is a Hooper or a hoopajew
Hey you just crapped in that bush! You Hooper!
Whats that? Your mother is your sister? You are a Hooper!
by Mahogany Potato June 05, 2006