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1. event of two cars racing, i.e. hooking em up to race
2. breeding of dogs.
1. Hey, thats a nice sohc civc.... bet that vinyl makes it fast.... lets hook em up...
2. Hey, nice pit, i have a rot., lets hook em up
by Josh Delaughter August 29, 2005
To provide someone with an object or another person.
John needs Knicks tickets. Can you hookemup?

Kyle and Wendy would be great for each other. We should hookemup.
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
an electrical outlet
I am going to have to move my computer desk across the room, because there is not a hook em up on this wall.
by VaRaine May 14, 2010
1)Commonly associated with police officers when they arrest someone.

2)To arrest someone.
Officer-Captain I have this guy that just ran from me.

Captain-Well catch that dumb ass and hookem up,Then take him to the police hotel.
by 212 January 29, 2008
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