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man, its what yo deala do when he get a big shipment of dadis in and u throw some money his way
Dealer: Dude i got some dank ass chron in from the city man
by dadisaurus June 27, 2006
6 4
Meaning to bedazzle or "make prettier with application of plastic gems" - i.e. an acceptable phrase to shout during lovemaking
Jesse: "I fucked your sister last night"
Aaron: "What?"
Jess: "Yeah, she was hook it up phat!"
by Sam Irwin December 25, 2011
4 3
When you buy trees from someone and they throw in a little extra. Usually applies to weed but you can say it for anything.
Lindsay: Did you get a eighth from him?

Renee: Yupp, and he hooked it up phat!

Lindsay: Let me get some free food from ur job today!
Renee: Yeah come thru, I'll hook it up phat!
by monike16 October 26, 2010
3 6