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A Pennsylvania Dutch word for an imbecile or jackass. Usually synonymous with being low class.
He doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. Yeah, he's real hoofty.
by Da Deutche March 08, 2011
a redneck/hick usually found in the northeastern region of Pennsylvania. These people have no concept of current events or any fashion sense. They also like to hunt deer and make deer jerky. They drive cars that cost about that same as a xbox360 or drive beat up trucks with mud stains.

(origin)comes from word "HOOF" like a deers HOOF IE the word "Hoofty"
Hey man, you see that hoofty at the pumpkin patch? Damn that mother fucker was ugly!
by scottybones July 15, 2008
A person whose soul reason for existence is to collect trucks, cars and the like and jack them up on huge tires. Usually found in and around northeastern Pennsylvania. Enjoys mudding, beer pong, underage women, and burning out. Essentially, a hillbilly with a better vehicle.

Known to have many hang outs which may all be used for their parties. Examples being parking lots, clearings in the woods, areas along power lines, and various homes of 21 year olds.

Good for helping you out with car troubles and taking advantage of drunk teens.

Found debating which is better: Ford or Chevy. Always wearing steel-toe boots

"Hey! There's a hoofty! Lets go with him and get some 15 year old drunk!"
by josafinagaz August 04, 2008
A small, bad-quality or poorly-assembled marijuana joint that will barely suffice in getting seasoned smokers very high; still, is far better than having nothing to smoke at all. Usually rolled using remnants and scrapings of leftover THC in various forms (roaches, powder, oil residue, etc.)
"Hey man, the dispensary doesn't open for an hour, but I managed to roll a little hoofty to smoke in the meantime!"
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by stinsonsteven May 12, 2016
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