errbody has a hood
It's where you stay at.


Moms is back at the hood.

Lemme take you back to my hood.
by ~$Caroline$~ June 04, 2007
Short for hoodlum - a criminal of a thuggish nature - liable to mug, rob, steal, burgle (that's burglarize to anyone who speaks Yankish), create havoc at sporting venues (that's Soccer Hooligan).

Hoodlums are not 'good-people'.

This word can be naively used to encourage the development of socially adjusted behaviour in one's offspring:
"Oy, you! - shutcha mahf - yor turnin' intwa right 'oodlum, you are."

Trans: "Excuse me, please be quiet, the making of excessive noise will lead to a life of crime."
(noun) the soft fleshy skin covering the clitoris of a female human being.
Yo, she had a pierced hood!

Little Red Riding Hood's "hood" is an ovbious symbol of her budding sexuality.
by Georgia Bedew Owen May 02, 2003
often mistook for literally meaning the ghetto; the term 'hood' is slang for neighborhood. what makes the term ghetto is that its mainly used in the ghetto.
"Come rollin thru my hood and ill bust a cap in yo ass mofucka!"
by _tricksta_ September 30, 2008
That flap of skin that covers your clit.
hood, skin, clit, pussy, women
by Driikka September 05, 2007
1. A slang word deriving from the word "Neighborhood". The word is mostly used when referring to an American Ghetto, The Slums or a run down environment. Most Hood like environments usually have (but not limited to) urban Thugs & Gangsters.

(Refer to... Newark, NJ / Brooklyn, NY / Compton, CA /

Detroit, MI / Camden, NJ / etc.)

2. Somebody who resides in a Ghetto.
Vinny- Ayo Jay, I'm picking up Amanda this weekend. She told me she lives near South Side (Chicago). You ever been homie?

Jamal- Yeah son, I'm up there all the time.. the place is mad hood though.

Vinny- Oh word?
LeBron- Yo dawg, I heard there be a new kid... that for real?

Teddy- Oh yeah, Mikey or whatever his name is? Yeah yeah, people be telling me he hood as fuck! Comes from Camden I think?
(Note: Ignoring the stereotypical thought that someone has to be African American or Hispanic/Latino to be "hood"... the person(s) can also be Caucasian. As long as he/her resides in a Ghetto like environment... and/or socialises with "hood" like individuals. Which is why sometimes you may find the occasional wigger talking in Ghetto tongue.)
by Comptonese February 06, 2013
One who failed to switch from Noob to Skilled and insults all those who kill with: "Hacker, Cheater, Lagger, Bullet Speed Roll, NoLife!"
Once i had a hood, i broke it.
by Gigen May 14, 2010

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