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A young lady from a middle class or upper middle class neighborhood that is creepin off to the hood to see a boy, usually a young thug, gangsta, or hood nigga, on the down low. Her boo will be a boy her parents either don't know about or have forbidden her to see, usually due to a combination of his economic status, attitude, and age. Hood bugs are generally drawn to boys a few years older than they are.

A hood bug is very different from a hood rat or hood model because they come from outside the hood and lack the hood rat reputation for sleeping around. Hood bug's are pretty much the exact opposite of chickenhead's.

In most cases, the friends of both the hood bug and her gangsta boo try to help keep the two from being discovered, seeing the couple as kind of a ghetto Romeo and Juliet.
"Man, did you see T-ray's hood bug? She fine as FUCK!"

"She a dime-piece all right, but he betta hope she can keep it on the low. Her daddy's a lawyer and he probably know T-ray's PO."

by Keturah February 22, 2008
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