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An honorary member of the Jewish brethren. Usually awarded to someone who grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood, knows what a dreidel, kippa, bubbie and zaide are. Chews Bazooka Joe gum. Jealous they didn't get to build a tent in their back yard for Sukoot or celebrate a Bar Mitzvah. Frequently says stuff like "Oy! It took a lot of chutzpah for me to show him what's what. Mazel tov!"
Jameel was awarded his honorary jew status with a kippa ceremony.
by Allison March 22, 2004
Those affiliated with Jewish culture through long term association. Employment, marriage, friendship or otherwise.
"I've worked at a Jewish Deli for three years, that makes me an honorary Jew."
by CountyDentures April 18, 2008

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